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Since March, when restrictions were put in place in Ohio, rather than "shelving" our equipment, By Request LLC has enhanced and converted our systems to help facilitate events for hosts who still wish to hold them. Through April, we were able to help the "show go on" by livestreaming wedding ceremonies and corporate functions.

Many hosts don't know what the future holds for their 2020 events, however, they do know their events would not be complete without being able to share their celebration with their guests. As directions from the state evolve, we are looking for unique ways we can tailor our products and services to remove barriers and help hosts and couples celebrate together - whether this means bringing the event to those who can not make it due to travel restrictions, bringing those who can't be present in virtually, or using technology to work around maximum capacities limiting the amount of people in a room.

Not only can these technologies make weddings, commencement ceremonies, school functions and corporate fundraisers once again feasible - they can also be beneficial to businesses to showcase products, services and facilities. For example, virtual tours can make site visits and appointments which are difficult to staff possible at a prospect's own leisure. The possibilities are endless. Not only do these services have to be used for "all business" and "broadcast" purposes - they can also be used to entertain you from afar through virtual cocktail parties, karaoke nights and trivia sessions.

We are constantly researching and developing new technologies and ways we can improve both the host and guest experience. The following service catalog is by no means comprehensive, however, these are some different products and services which may help you out if planning an event in 2020. We welcome you to contact us with your ideas or specific details so we may find the best possible solution for you.

Of course, along with these services, we are still offering our Dj and Emcee services to weddings, corporate clients and events as long as the functions are still being held and it is legal and safe to do so.

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