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We are currently monitoring the state of COVID-19 closely. Based on our correspondence with venues and vendors in the area, as it stands right now it does not appear all restrictions in place will apply to all private events after Memorial Day, and it is believed business should be restored to the "usual" state (or "new normal") in time for summer. That being said, we realize that whether or not your event is still feasible is primarily up to your venue as well as guests' willingness to travel (alongside any forced closures occurring in the near future). We are assessing each event on a case-by-case basis and working with each host to evaluate the best possible option(s).

As of right now, these are the plans we have in place:

As always, we encourage current and prospective customers to reach out to the office and their Dj directly with any questions or concerns. If anything changes from our end, we will be in touch.


We realize that for some events during the "stay-at-home" order, cancellation may not be an option and alternate arrangements may be made in an attempt to continue on with the necessary precautions in place to do so both legally and safely.

For example, some couples are electing to continue on with their wedding ceremony under a certain guest count (for example, holding a ceremony with only the couple, the officiant, a photographer and videographer in attendance). There have also been reports of "street parades" and other functions where people remain in their vehicle to celebrate and stories of schools continuing on with graduation ceremonies but staggering groups so only a certain number of people are allowed per room at one time. We are still open and here to serve you as long as we can legally and safely do so and have launched a new lineup of specialized services which can help capture your event, bring people in remotely, or allow people to hear as they maintain proper social distancing. If you are still holding an event at this time, we recommend you check out what we have to offer.

We also realize, eventually restrictions will be lifted and events will resume. When this happens, it is everyones' responsibility, including ours to make safety a top priority when rendering services. While serving you at your wedding or event, these are some of the plans we have in place:

If an event host has any specific requests or concerns, we are happy to partner with them to work towards the best possible solution.

We hope you can understand we are not trying to be rude by taking any of these precautions - we simply want to ensure your guests are comfortable and our staff remains in good health so they can continue serving you.


By Request has literally witnessed plans change overnight as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the crushing effect these changes have had on couples planning a wedding and hosts scheduling an event in early 2020. For those affected, we'd like to do a few extra things for you.

For events booked with us:
If you fall within a particular date range, we have already contacted your venue for you to get additional information and have also looked into some different things we may be able to do to help you out. For eligible events on our schedule up to Memorial Day weekend 2020, we have likely already been in touch to discuss details specific to your event and offer complimentary services from our Specialized COVID-19 Service lineup.
For couples and hosts we haven't met yet (events not booked with us):


By Request has seen the devastation COVID-19 has caused firsthand to small businesses as well as the catastrophic impact to the local and wedding communities. We've also been inspired by how these communities have come together.

That being said - we'd like to help throw a party and will donate our services to an event.
We are pledging Dj services for one free event once mass gatherings are allowed. We would ideally like to see this go to a community event, fundraiser or struggling small business. The type of event is up to the hosts' imagination but could include anything from a trivia night for a small restaurant/bar to a make-up prom for a school who couldn't hold theirs to a fundraiser for those on our front-lines. Perhaps even a "Corona is Over in Cleveland" party once treatment or vaccine becomes available. We're accepting nominations organizations and events using the "Contact Form" on the website.
We're on the same team as the competition.
That's right - we're ready, willing and able to help our competitors with a common goal of making it through the pandemic and putting customers first. We understand some small businesses in the area are not well equipped for the current climate. If another Dj service in the area needs assistance fulfilling rescheduled dates, they are welcome to contact us to take advantage of any staff or equipment we may be able to provide. Additionally, if your company has a Dj who needs additional work or training, we are happy to speak with them.
We want support our sidekicks in the wedding industry.
  • We invite all struggling vendors and venues in the area to forward their information and availability to us so we may provide it to couples in the area searching for your services. In the future, we may also elect to feature a few unique vendors on our COVID-19 Resource Site ( to increase their visibility.
  • Local vendors and venues who would like to schedule a consult with us to see if our services may be able to help them are welcome to do so.
  • Some vendors in the area have expressed the desire to get together for networking and education once restrictions are lifted. If you know of a mixer or meetup planned for the local wedding community, we are also willing to provide entertainment for one of these functions at no cost.
We're still working - remotely.
We realize that without fundraisers funds can run out and without entertainment life can be boring. We are working to adapt our services and technologies to offer new solutions whether you are looking for a remote trivia night or livestream to entertain your clients. Check out our COVID-19 special services.
Our business may be able to help yours.
We realize once the economy in Ohio is reopened, the hardship may not be over yet - especially for our small businesses and sole proprietors who will inevitably be doubling down on appointments and tirelessly working to fulfill rescheduled commitments. We are heavily using media production and remote AV technologies to bring you to others and/or bring people to you. Whether you need a virtual tour of your site, a showcase of your services, a specific moment captured and shared, or consulting to implement remote work or meetings, we are open and available for site visits, consulting and media production.


While we realize nothing can top the experience of being "physically present" at an event, we are looking into and implementing ways that still allow a host to offer an experience to their guests. Some ways we can assist couples getting married and event hosts include:

  • Livestreaming a ceremony, reception, corporate function or educational opportunity
  • Using "wishlines" to capture audio, photo or video messages from guests who can not be present
  • Conducting remote meetings and site visits
  • Custom web pages for hosting media and event related information

While not strictly related to "remote technologies", some other things we have done include:

  • Social media walls
  • Showing couples how to operate a video camera and frame shots before eloping
  • Editing highlight reels of events (such as destination weddings)
  • Providing AV equipment to play back a previously recorded material (such as showing a recorded ceremony at a reception)

What do you think is going to happen over the next few months?

Honestly, we're getting this question a lot and we wish we had a good answer. In our opinion, we are guessing everyone should know more around Memorial Day, and things should start looking "a little more normal" once summer is officially here. Until then, our best advice we can offer is not to make any "quick" and "uninformed" decisions, and to assume new regulations may be in place at gatherings around maximum capacities per square foot and social distancing. Simply put - events with more space than they would typically need will probably be better off. We've tried to package some tips on preparing your event in our articles.


The material located on this site including this page is for informational purposes only, is general in nature, and is not intended to and should not be relied upon or construed as a legal or medical opinion; or, legal or medical advice. We are not authorized to speak on behalf of any of your other vendors, the local, state or federal government. Content on this page is based on the opinions of the author(s) and is solely provided to offer ideas and alternatives in this time of need. Any questions regarding the legality of your contract(s) should be addressed with an attorney. Medical advice should be directed to a doctor. Questions regarding feasibility of your wedding or event should be discussed with the appropriate local and state authorities as well as the facility your event is scheduled at.

We are located in the Cleveland market serving Northeast Ohio (Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Warren), so, for some readers not all information offered may apply to your state or municipality. Additionally, based on your individual event, traditions, circumstances and preferences, we realize not all of our suggestions may be a good fit and encourage you to partner with your contracted vendors to find the best solution.


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