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FAQs about By Request Mobile DJs

Our Djs wear appropriate attire for your event. For most weddings and corporate events, this means a dress shirt with a suit or tuxedo (unless you request otherwise). For all other events, your performer will be dressed in business casual attire or for the weather in the case of outdoor events. The client has the ability to request specific attire if available.

We accept cash, check, cashiers check, money order and most major credit cards. For non-corporate clients, a retainer or deposit is due at signing with the final balance due on or before your event date. For corporate clients, often times an accounting or purchasing department is involved, so different payment terms may be arranged. Please note: we will not run credit cards over the phone or through email without meeting you first. Credit card transactions are subject to a small convenience fee.

When we issue a contract for an event, the price listed is all inclusive. This means your setup, teardown, equipment, travel, extras and incidentals have all been considered. Our contracts also list exactly what you will be getting as well as what you will not be getting in case there is any question later on. Should you wish to make a change to your package (such as add extra time or services), everything will be communicated in writing and you will be issued an updated contract or change order so there are no surprises.

We are able to accept payment in installments before your date, however, the balance will still be due on or before the date of your event.

It is our policy to not invite prospective clients out to private events. We understand you do not want strangers at your wedding or event and extend that same courtesy to our current clients. You are, however, welcome to attend any public events we perform at which will typically be advertised on the By Request mobile Dj Service Facebook page or check out videos on our Youtube and Vimeo channels.

Most of our lead Djs (Djs who work our weddings and corporate events) have over a decade of experience.

We are what’s known as a “no-cheese” Dj service. This means we offer a professional performance, make tasteful announcements and do not try to shift the focus away from your event and onto us or integrate skits or stunts that will make your guests uncomfortable. For more about what this means, check out our blog.

While at times we may step away from the equipment to coordinate something or speak with another vendor, we do not take extended breaks. For more about what goes on behind the scenes when we step away, check out our blog.

Yes, unless you ask us not to or the request is considered inappropriate for the event. For more information on how we judge whether or not something is appropriate, check out our blog.

Yes, unless you ask us not to. If you would like to make some announcements as well we have a wireless microphone you can use.

Yes, Radio-edited versions of popular music are stocked.

You have the opportunity to provide both a playlist and do-not playlist, however, our recommendation is to use both of these options sparingly so your Dj can read what the crowd likes and make requests. For more information on this, check out our blog entry “Making the Cut”.

Many events are large investments both for you and for your guests. The average range of what a wedding costs in our market is between 25k-100k. When a guest looks back on a memory of an event, that person will generally remember how they felt – which ultimately boils down to the others in attendance, the food and the entertainment.

Dates in the off-season (December 1-April 30) are eligible for discounts as well as non-peak dates and times such as Fridays and Sundays on non-holiday weekends.

Absolutely! While we can work through a lot of details over the phone or through e-mail, face-to-face meetings are always recommended when feasible.

Yes, Radio-edited versions of popular music are stocked.

Our primary service area encompasses NorthEast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania including the Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Mansfield, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Warren markets. We are willing and able to travel farther out if needed.

Yes, however, in order to quote these events we will need to calculate out travel and lodging fees as well as work out the logistics of getting equipment to that location.

If you’re interested in booking reach out to us. We’ll gladly discuss your event with you, answer any questions you have and quote a price. If you’d like to proceed from there, let us know and we will issue a written contract. Sign and return the contract with the deposit listed on it and you’re all set!

Once we have your contract and deposit, we enter you into our computer system which grants you access to browse our song database as well as access planning forms and tools. Depending on your event, we may elect to have a kick-off meeting with you to go over a few things. A few weeks out from your event date we will schedule a final meeting with you where we walk your venue and go over everything from start to finish.

Our prices are competitive with other similar services in the area and are on average around $100 an hour with more economical and elaborate packages available. We always try to custom quote based on your need and can usually match or beat packages and pricing from our direct competitors.

Yes, where possible we try to get them involved whether it’s for a group picture, encouraging requests, or helping count down a cake cutting. We also will gladly host trivia, name that tune, interactive games etc. upon request.

Yes. Since we are already out on your location we will gladly discount additional services you may need such as photobooths, uplights or additional sound systems.