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Make a bland wall beautiful or any space stunning.

  • Uplighting – Add splashes of color to the walls, or accent an area of the room with our LED uplights. We carry both wired (better for long events) and wireless fixtures (better for customization) available in most colors.
  • Ceiling Washes – Compliment your uplights by adding color to your ceilings and floors. We have specialized lights which can “wash” most surfaces in a custom color of your choice.
  • Dancefloor Lighting – Whether you’re just looking to add a little excitement to your dancefloor or transform your venue into a nightclub – we have just the right fixtures to do it. We have a “lighting library” with just about every type of light you can think of.
    1) Wash lights (Most Popular) – Perfect for adding splashes of color to your dancefloor that change along with the beats of the music when the time is right to add excitement without taking away from an elegant vibe.
    2) Chase/derby lights – For those looking for lights that pop out a little more, our chase lights and derby effects add fun dots of color around the room which change and move with the music.
    3) Smart lights & Moving heads – As seen in nightclubs, concerts and upscale weddings, these programmable lights move a spot of light, color or even a pattern around the room.
    4) Lasers – For those looking for something a little different, our lasers which move to the music can project custom patterns around the room.
    5) Strobes – Great for themes parties, Halloween shows and a slow motion effect which is fun for everyone on your dancefloor.
    6) Black lights – Black lights highlight bright colors and whites allowing them to glow in the dark.
    7) Spotlights – Spotlight and call attention to a special guest, keynote speaker or a first dance.
  • Pinspotting – When you’re looking to call attention to a focal point in the room, pin spots (or mini spotlights) can make it stand out and pop.
  • Tent Lighting – We don’t just uplight rooms, we can lightscape your outdoor events as well – including tents! We have custom mounts that allow us to light and color your tent without damaging it.
  • Monograms (Gobos) – Simply put – your name in lights! Project your name, initials, logo, date or just about anything else on just about any surface (floor, wall, ceiling).